Sun Selection

Aquilegia Early Bird

Aquilegia Early Bird

Unique, exotic, special, amazing .... the list can go on and on ... trying to describe Columbine flowers beautifying our gardens from early Spring to early Summer. They will not disappoint and grows equally well in the garden or in containers. Read more about Aquilegia

Argyranthenum selection

Small compact daisy bush with dark green leaves and very showy flowers make it a wonderful addition to the garden, as well as containers.Showy mass of daisy blooms with dark green foliage from Spring to Autumn. Prune once or twice each season to encourage bushy growth & flowering.  'Madeira Range - 'Angelic White', 'Cherry Bon Bon', 'Crested Violet', 'Crested Yellow', 'Double Pink', 'Primrose', 'Reflection Pink' & 'Reflection Yellow' Daisy bush, White Marguerite/Madeliefiebos. Shrub. H: 30cm W: spread 40mc


Bellis perennis

Compact annual for lasting colour from early autumn to early summer. Pink, Red and White button like flowers. H: 15cm, W: spread 15cm.

Bidens Golden Empire

Truly the most rewarding Bidens to grow in your garden!
Bidens Golden Empire has a compact, upright growth habit with masses of cheerful, golden yellow flowers from Spring to early Winter. Read more about Bidens Golden Empire

Brachyscome Violet

Large blue-purple flowers with bright yellow centres, flowering through out the year and dark green lacy-leaved foliage. Compact, bushy shaped plant, excellent in hanging baskets, window boxes, containers or in the front of a bed & border. Perennial. H: 20cm WL spread 20cm.


Calibrachoa Selection

Compact, spreading perennial with small, petunia like flowers from Spring to autumn.Ideal for mass planting and hanging baskets.
H 5cm, S 15cm.


Convolvulus Sabatius

Excellent hardy, flat spreading ground cover with dark green leaves and sapphire blue flowers in summer.


A dense, compact shrub with bright Yellow foliage & powder Blue flowers in Summer & AutumnFull Sun to attain its beautiful golden foliage which attracts butterflies. Prune by the moon calendar for best resultsIdeal for use as Topiaries or clipped as a hedge, grows well in containers & makes a great focal point, prune regularly & shape to ensure dense, bright coloured foliage. Shrub. H: 150cm W: spread 150 cm 


Low growing ground cover with masses of small pink-white daisy flowers all year. Can be cut back to maintain neatness. Low growing with masses of small pink-white daisy flowers all year. Can tolerate low temperatures,Full sun preferably,  benefits from fertile well drained soil, 30 cm high, 30 cm spread. Low growing ground cover, ideal groundcover between roses, for rockeries, between paving stones & hanging baskets. Cut back to maintain neatness & control. Perennial: H: 30cm W: spread 30cm.



A dense, compact shrub with bright Yellow foliage, turning to a Golden Yellow in full sun. Foliage rather than flowers. A slow growing hardy shrub, ideal for low clipped hedges, topiary or containers. Makes a great focal point. Prune by the moon calendar for best results & to ensure dense, bright coloured foliage. Perennial. H: 30cm W: 30cm spread



multi-flowered patio plant with thousands of crystal white blooms. Long-lasting, free-flowing stocky & mounded plants are well-suited to solo & mixed containers, in ground plantings & hanging baskets. Blush: White flowers from Spring to Summer with Bronze red foliage. White: A showing mass of White flowers from Spring to Summer with Green foliage. Perennial shrub. H: 30cm W: spread 30cm

Gaura Belleza

Excellent branching and short flower stems make this Gaura a real winner. Gaura Belezza Pink is a gardener's dream plant – easy to grow, low maintenance and a long lasting display of delicate, butterfly shaped flowers on long, arching stems. White, Pink or Dark Pink on long arching stems with dark leaves, a clumping, upright, airy habit, fine green foliage and tall stems lined with delicate, open, five petaled flowers with long prominent anthers, bee and butterfly magnets appear from Early Summer to Autumn and are generally dark pink in bud opening to soft rose pink.Long flowering, trouble free plants not bothered by pests or diseases. Idealy cut back to +-20cm when untidy, to encourage bushy growth and new flowers, Plant it in sunny borders and wildflower gardens. Perennial. H: 40cm W: spread 40cm.


Gypsophila cerastoides

Grown for its masses of small white with pink striped flowers this small leafed compact plant is ideal for containers in the garden and borders.


Hebes are well suited to modern gardening offering a long season of interest for small gardens where limited numbers of plants can be grown and they are ideal for container gardening. Most prefer full sun through to moderate shade and a free draining soil, they are not fussy plants and will easily perform well for gardeners of all abilities.
Amy: Delicate Purple flowers with glossy green foliage from Spring to Autumn
Wiri Joy: Delicate Pink flowers from Spring to Autumn
AndersoniiVariegata:Light purple flowers from Spring to Autumn. Leaves are variegated with cream and green markings that makes it an attractive foliage plant. Perennial. H: 30cm W: spread 30cm.

Hemerocallis ‘ Bitsy ‘

Dwarf compact perennial with smaller bright yellow flowers from spring to autumn.


Stachys lanata

What makes this such a unique and very popular ground cover? Just one look and touch of the soft, fuzzy grey-green leaves will instantly tell you why it is resembling lamb's ears. Purple flower spikes appear in late Spring and Summer to add additional interest. Grow it in a sunny position for the best display. Read more about Lamb's Ear


Laurentia - Blue Star Creeper. Large star shaped blue-lavender flowers on feathery foliage. Ground cover, Frost tender & hardy to heat and drought. Sun for best results or part shade. Hanging baskets, containers, bedding or as a filler between stepping stones. Perennials. H: cm W: spread 30cm



Margaret Roberts', Dentata 'Royal Crown'.  A herbaceous shrub with highly aromatic green leaves. Large purple flowers are borne on long stems from spring through to autumn. Margaret Roberts: Large Blue-Lavender flowers bourne on long stems from spring through to late autumn, with Grey leaves.

Dentata 'Royal Crown': Large blue-purple flowers are borne long stems throughout Summer, A small leafed, compact plant either green or grey-green leaves. Herbaceous Shrub, Water-wise, Frost tender with edible flowers

A herbaceous shrub with highly aromatic foliage, plant as individually, en masse or containers, attracts bees & butterflies into the garden. Nipp back a little at a time after flowering for bushy fullness. Dentata is ideal for containers & between rocks. Perennial. H: 40cm. W: spread 50cm.


Limonium Perezii

Tough clump-forming plant with big round leaves and tall strong flower stems with huge panicles of deep blue flowers most of the year. Excellent cut flower and the flowers heads dry well. Large panicles of deep Blue flowers are borne on tall strong stems for most of the year with big round green leaves. Indigenous, eg, Perennial, Herbaceous, Frost tender & does well in dry to medium wet well drained soil. A tough clump forming plant, Excellent cut flower and the flower heads dry well. Plant en mass & perennial borders for year round unsurpassed colour.  Perennial. H: 60cm. W: spread 50cm


Lysmachia aurea

Very flat spreading self-rooting ground cover with round bright yellow foliage and big yellow cup shaped flowers in summer.  Ground cover, Frost sensitive & regular water. A very attractive plant for quick cover, wonderful for contrast planting. Perennial. H: 10cm W: spread 60cm.


Mentha Puleglum

Pennyroyal; Latin name: Mentha pulegium & Pulegium Horizontalis. Bears clusters of mauve flowers in Spring, with highly aromatic Peppermint scented leaves. Excellent hardy, flat spreading ground cover with dark green leaves, Hardy & Water Wise,  Sun to Semi-Shade. Ideal to plant in-between stepping stones or a lawn alternative in low traffic areas. Ant and flea repellent. A low spreading, self rooting ground cover.Perennial. H: 10cm W: spread 40cm


Nasturtium Red Wonder

Bright red, edible flowers and grey-green leaves. Ideal for containers and hanging baskets.

Parahebe Baby blue

Small green leafed spreading ground cover with masses of blue flowers in spring. For magnificent early spring color this hardy little ground cover is perfect.

Phlox diverticata

An outstanding low clump-forming plant with narrow green leaves and a magnificent show of sky blue flowers on long stems in early spring and early summer.

Salvia Gregii Collection

Flowering in early Spring & continues through to Winter. Cut back at the end of January to encourage bushy plants and flowers to continue up into Winter. Autumn sage is a very useful bedding, borders & landscape plant and is especially well adapted to hot, dry areas. It has a long period of bloom. This Salvia also provides winter interest, due to its eg habit. Plant in containers or in borders. Great for hummingbird and butterfly gardens.
Lipstick: Red flowers, highlighted by a white throat and brown calyx
Pink Passion: Bright Pink
Pink: Light Pink
Pink Ice: Pastel Pink and White flowering
Raspberry: Dark Pink
Perennial. H: 50cm W: spread 30cm


Bright green linear-shaped leaves with purple blue flowers in summer. Outstanding staple in many gardens, with a quality rich 'blue" flower bloom tones in Spring & Summer. Treat as bedding plants and mass together to form a "sea of blue." In round container gardens, install a Victoria Blue salvia plants in the centre and let shorter plants in complementary colours trail over the edge. Attracts butterflies, birds and bees. Annual, Drought tolerant /  Water wise, Pest tolerant, Low maintenance. Perennial. H: 35cn W: spread 30cm



Award winning verbena with very uniform growth and long lasting flowers. Add to this the benefit of being less susceptible to mildew.Evergreen, Perennial, Ground Cover, Frost tolerant, Water Wise & Hardy.Vigorous, disease resistant low growing, unsurpassed for massed colour in hanging baskets, containers, window-boxes & flower borders.
Blue: Deep Blue
Pink: Dark Pink
Red: Deep Red
Violet: Deep Purple.
Perennial. H: 20cm W: spread 35cm

Vygie Upright Purple

Nothing shouts the arrival of the Spring season louder than the splendid showcase of the luminous, purple rich flowers of the Vygie Upright Purple. Read more about Vygies