Masses of colourful flowers with a subtle fragrance, makes Nemesias one of the most popular garden plants around the world that originated from South African soil.

It's indigenous roots, literally and figuratively speaking, makes Nemesia a low maintenance and easy to grow garden plant in South African gardens.

Indeed a beauty to treasure and be proud of.


If you know it you can grow it !


  • Perennial -¬†Although mostly described as a perennial (growing for longer than one year) it is rather used like an annual (one season lifespan) in the garden if you want to get the best performance out of it.

Growth Habit:

  • Soft wood shrub - Multiple, slender stems growing upright to a height of about 30 cm when in flower.


  • Cool season flowering - Autumn to early summer - Grow them during the cooler seasons for a splash of colour and fragrance. Find your favourite in a range of white, purples, oranges and yellows.


  • Full Sun - 4 to 6 hours direct sunlight is the ideal as this will encourage compact growth and an abundance of flowers.

Nemesia FlowersFLOWER POWER

Bring on the cooler seasons of the year for this indigenous beauty. It grows and flowers from autumn to early summer, with its best flower performance in Spring.

Once the mass flower display is over, give it a light trim to encourage new shoots and another round of colourful, fragrant flowers will be on display in a couple of weeks.

Cut the stems just under the old flowers for the best results. Repeat this as and when necessary to get the most out of your plants.

Add some organic fertilizer to ensure enough nutrients are available for healthy new growth.


Nemesias are easy to grow and highly rewarding with their mass of lightly fragrant, colourful flowers when you follow these 3 tips for success:

  1. Most important is to plant them in direct sunlight (minimum of 4 to 6 hours)
  2. Place a 2 cm thick layer of mulch around the plants to keep the soil moisture and temperature at an ideal level
  3. Add a slow release organic fertilizer to ensure sufficient nutrient availability for the best flower display.

Nemesias in ContainersCONTAINED NEMESIAS

Brighten up your patio area with the sunny and cheerful character of Nemesias planted in containers.

Select a container with excellent drainage because nemesia plants like moisture but cannot abide boggy soil.

Plant them in a good commercial potting soil - no soil from the garden! - and add some organic fertilizer.

Place the container in a sunny position where it gets a minimum of 4 hours direct sunlight. This will ensure the plants stay compact in growth and flowers at its best.

When they are finished flowering, cut them back to about 10cm high, add some organic fertilizer to the container and you will have a beautiful flower display within a couple of weeks again.

Water the container when the soil at the top of the container feels dry to the touch.