Be rewarded with an abundance and continuous display of extra-large, golden yellow flowers from Spring to early Winter.
The tiny, deeply cut fern like leaves bring a fine and delicate texture to the garden in contrast with the big petalled golden flowers.
Truly a spectacular plant to grow in the garden, containers or hanging baskets.

Even better is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. A light prune after the main flowering period will encourage new growth and another round of Golden Yellow Flowers. At the same time add some organic fertilizer to ensure the plant has all the nutrients necessary to put on a brilliant show.

Butterflies and bees absolutely love these bright yellow flowers and it is a great way to encourage these beneficial insects into your garden.

Grow Bidens Golden Empire in a sunny position for the best results and spread some organic mulch on top of the soil to ensure optimum soil conditions. The healthier the roots the better the flower display.