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Cover itt brings you annuals, ground covers and perennials that is easy to grow to ensure gardening success. We provide in-depth information about all the tried and tested ground covers and perennials that will stimulate and encourage gardeners to make their gardens a haven for all.

Cover-itt plants are available at Nurseries and Garden Centres in Gauteng.


Bidens Golden Empire

Felicia Blue

Bidens Golden Empire


Be rewarded with an abundance and continuous display of extra-large, golden yellow flowers from Spring to early Winter.
The tiny, deeply cut fern like leaves bring a fine and delicate texture to the garden in contrast with the big petalled golden flowers.
Truly a spectacular plant to grow in the garden, containers or hanging baskets.

Even better is that it doesn't require much maintenance. A light prune after the main flowering period will encourage new growth and another round of Golden Yellow Flowers. At the same time add some organic fertilizer to ensure the plant has all the nutrients necessary to put on a brilliant show.

Butterflies and bees absolutely love these bright yellow flowers and it is a great way to encourage these beneficial insects into your garden.

Grow Bidens Golden Empire in a sunny position for the best results and spread some organic mulch on top of the soil to ensure optimum soil conditions. The healthier the roots the better the flower display.



Looking for a flowering shrub that is easy to grow and will give you a long-lasting flower display?

Then look no further than the tried and trusted Daisy Bush. They are easy to grow and does not require much maintenance.

They are ideal for mass planting, mixed flower borders and even as a container plant.

Available in a range of cheerful colours - yellow, red, pink, white and burgundy - they will not only brighten up any garden but also your day.

Daisies grow and flower at their best when planted in a position where they get full sun every day.

Fertilize once a month with an organic fertilizer to ensure optimum growth and flower display.

Salvia Mirage


No fuss and easy to grow Salvias.

Add these beauties to the garden or grow them in containers for a mass display of flowers nearly all year round with the added benefit of being a great food source for butterflies & bees.

Once established, Salvias are heat tolerant and will grow beautifully through the hottest periods of the year.

Place a 2cm layer of organic mulch around the plants to ensure optimum growth and flowering during these periods.

Salvia mirage flowers in abundance from early spring to early winter. A true bloomer in the garden or in containers.

Grow them in a sunny position and fertilize with organic fertilizer once a month.

Parahebe Baby Blue


Do you want a mass display of dainty blue flowers in Spring? Parahebe Baby Blue is an easy to grow groundcover that will not disappoint. Grow it in front of the garden bed for the best display and enjoyment of the light blue flowers.

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Masses of colourful flowers with a subtle fragrance, makes Nemesias one of the most popular garden plants around the world that originated from South African soil.

It's indigenous roots, literally and figuratively speaking, makes Nemesia a low maintenance and easy to grow garden plant in South African gardens.

Indeed a beauty to treasure and be proud of.

Read more about Nemesias and how to grow them here.

Phlox paniculata

A Garden Classic

Phlox paniculata

Are you looking for an easy to grow perennial with showy, sweetly fragrant flowers and a long flowering season?

Then look no further than the impressive Phlox paniculata varieties with its non-stop flowering season throughout the summer until early autumn.

Not only will you absolutely fall in love with them, but they are also adored by hummingbirds, butterflies and bees for the sweet supply of nectar.

Top Tips for Growing Success:
- Grow them in full sun
- Pick the flowers or deadhead as far down the stem as possible to ensure a neat appearance and to promote new flowers.

Armeria Pink Petite

Armeria groundcover:

Attractive, fine, grass-like leaves provide an interesting textural presence all year round.

Soft, pink coloured flowers cluster together to form impressive round globes.

Armeria is a hardy groundcover and will grow under the following conditions:
• Sunny to semi-shade areas
• Cold tolerant
• Heat tolerant
• Drought tolerant

It is easy to grow and low maintenance once established.


Benefits of Groundcovers:

• They fill in gaps and provide continuity.

• Versatile, they can also be planted in containers and hanging baskets.

• If chosen correctly, they’re low maintenance.

• They smother weeds, keep the soil cool, and reduce evaporation.

• Softer than paving, they’re more environmentally friendly.

• Those with light variegated foliage lighten up dark shady areas.

• They prevent erosion on slopes and banks.